Career Summary

A long personal career that is results-oriented with success achieved in a wide range of demanding positions with increasing managerial responsibility in highly competitive and diverse organizations. Visionary leader with extensive training program development and project management skills, that fosters teamwork and innovation and using Quality improvement processes. Extensive training and training management skills encompassing a wide spectrum of programs and projects.  A leader who has strong communication skills and is customer focused.  Highest ethical and professional standards.  Award winning author, educator; leader; trainer and, public speaker.  

Volunteer Work:

 Founding Board Member-Puyallup Historical Hatchery Foundation:  2011-2018:
In 2011, the Department of Fish and Wildlife, due to funding constraints was in the final stages of converting the Puyallup Fish Hatchery into a commercial fish production facility by entering a 50 year lease with a commercial business.  To preserve the hatchery for the community, three of us met with Fish and Wildlife representatives ultimately agreeing to a partnership and establishing a 501C3 to operate an onsite educational facility along with providing tours for community groups and hosting other educational activities.  The hatchery is now thriving due in part to our efforts and our connections to raise money from private donors, corporate entities as well as our state legislation.  In 2016-17, many Puyallup School District fourth grade classes will tour the hatchery as part of their STEM program.

Puyallup High School Girls Bowling Assistant (Volunteer Coach):  2015-2018:
Served as the assistant bowling coach for the Girls Bowling team providing professional instruction on the fundamentals of bowling for students who lacked basic skills and providing coaching for those who had the skill set to bowl but needed to make changes in their game play.  Traveled to all the league games to include district playoffs and made all practice sessions.  The 2016-2017 season will be my second year.  During the off season, I completed my USBC Silver Level Certification which by their ranking system would be the equivalent to a graduate degree in coaching the game of bowling.

USBC Junior Bowling Program 2012-Present:
Through Daffodil Bowl, I was recruited to be a junior league coach (every Saturday for 36 weeks during the school season.  From base line volunteer, I obtained my Bronze Level Certification after two years of study, experience and course completion followed in 2016 by completing my Silver Level Certification.  As the head coach for this program for the previous year change was needed so  last year wrote the first ever lesson plan and curriculum for the program.  With push back from owner not willing to make changes, I left the program and was recruited to join the coaching team at SECOMA lanes.  SECOMA is a healthier environment and much more rewarding.  We have approximately 70 students ranging in age from five to 20 bowling every Saturday morning to include tournaments outside of the immediate area.

Communities in Schools 2013-2015:
Volunteered at Karshner Elementary School working with a student to help her improve her reading comprehension and word knowledge base.  I remained with the same student from first through the third grade. Met with the student as part of an educational period once a week for nearly the entire school year.  I presently am not in active in the program due to the Hatchery Foundation Commitment to fourth grade students and High School Bowling but will make myself available to fill in as necessary after this volunteer window is complete.

Vietnam Dustoff Association:  President 2005-President
The association is fraternal in nature and is comprised of people who flew and or served in Vietnam helicopter medical evacuation units.  We meet annually some place in the United States for a three day period to renew our friendships, check on the health and welfare of our fellow Dustoff crewmembers and work on various veteran issues throughout the year. 

​Employment History

Puyallup City Council 2012-2015:

Served in the capacity of Council Member at Large for a four year term.  Responsible for budgeting, legislation, citizen problem resolution and oversight of the operation of the City of Puyallup.  Externally served as the Vice Chair for Pierce Transit, Pierce Transit Finance and Executive Committee Chair, Northwest Trek and Point Defiance Zoo Board Member, Pierce County Council (including budget, transportation and operations committees), Growth Management Board and Transportation Board.  Directly responsible for bringing improved transit services to Puyallup, creation of Route 425 the Community Connector and bringing the Pioneer Park Children’s Spray Park from idea to fruition.

Consultant/Trainer—Tsunami Enterprises: (May 1997 to Present)
Tsunami Enterprises is my training and consulting company.  Executive level and organizational programs are provided in the following areas:
Organizational Development, Leadership Effectiveness, Interpersonal Communications, Performance Coaching Team Training, Understanding of Oneself and Others, Corporate Quality, Implementing and Managing Change, Managing Stress, Business Management, Business Development,  Marketing, and Web-Page Development.  Consulting and training are designed to meet customer requirements. Clients of note include Washington State Department of Revenue (Property Tax Division, Taxpayer Services Division and Special Programs Division) Employment Security Department, Tulalip Indian Tribe (Family Services), Washington State Courts Division, and Getty Images, CEO, Alta-Pure LLC, CEO Yonke Motorsports, CEO, BAE Racing and Motorsports, and President,.Martin Henry Coffee Roasters.

Director of Operations--Hughes Group, LLC 2008
The role of the Director of Operations encompassed the day-to-day management of the company’s business.  Responsible for operations management throughout the company focusing on the strategic, tactical, and short-term objectives.  Responsible for the development, design, operation, and improvement of the systems that create and deliver the Hughes Group’s products and services.  Primary emphasis is operations improvement.  Plans, develops and implements strategy for operational management and development so as to meet agreed organizational performance plans within agreed budgets and timescales. Plan by prioritizing customer, employee and organizational requirements.  Ensure activities meet with and integrate with organizational requirements for quality management, health and safety, legal stipulations, environmental policies and general duty of care.

Consultant-Science Applications International Incorporated [SAIC}: (2006-2007)
Primary emphasis was the support of Science Applications International Incorporated and their partnerships with other defense contractors preparing bid proposals for active Request for Proposals (RFPs) that include a requirement for Battle Command Training Center operations. Most recently, selected as one of five SAIC staff members to work with Raytheon and Computer Science Corporation as the primary author of the Battle Command Training Center component for the Warrior Training Alliance’s (WTA) proposal submission. The WTA contract is a ten-year, $15.2 billion dollar program. My area of expertise is the design of training processes [individual and collective], incorporation of live, constructive and virtual simulations, and the immediate integration of lessons learned using the REACH process. Extensive experience with simulations and embryonic and burgeoning technology.

Battle Command Training Center-Chief Plans Training and Exercises [SAIC}: (2003-2006):

Responsible for planning and conducting all individual and collective training events for the Mission Support Training Facility [MSTF] and the Individual Training Branch relating to all automated Army Battlefield Digital Command Systems (C4ISR) and the integration of Live, Virtual and Constructive training.  One of two people to develop and implement a digital REACH capability in the MSTF using classified computer connectivity through satellite communications to forward deployed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Developed training programs using simulations, computer systems, and real world tactical information to replicate actual tactical scenarios occurring in Iraq and Afghanistan. Taught, coached and mentored the commander and system users on how to navigate through the software, hardware and system networks while applying knowledge and strategic military planning for command and control.  Worked with individual unit [military] planners to formulate training plans to progress from individual to collective tasks ensuring skills were developed in a building block format. 

Program Manager Forest Excise Tax-Washington State: (1993-2003)
Provided leadership for the Forest Excise Tax and Log Export Programs for the State of Washington Department of Revenue.  Hired, developed, trained and retained a very diverse and talented staff that formed into a highly functional and cohesive team thereby converting an organization described as "dysfunctional, toxic and not customer focused" into one having excellent “EQ”, fully imbued with the quality process and one that maximized it resources. Worked closely with HR staff on recruitment, hiring, disciplinary matters, salary determination, classification to include classification studies and training programs. Served as the team lead on three class studies.  Served as a mentor in the Department’s Mentor/Protégé program.  Using Strategic Planning and Project Management, converted a budgetary process (operating virtually in the red) to one realizing an 11 percent surplus while continuing to implement technology upgrades, work place improvements, and accomplishing legislative requirements directed but not resourced. 

Implemented the Malcolm-Baldrige Quality process as part of our business rule thereby winning the Washington State Department of Revenue Quality Team Award for 1996, the Washington State Governors Quality Team Award for 2003 and being recognized in the Governor’s quality publication eight times; and being the First division or sub-element to: implement an electronic imaging program thereby eliminating the storage of all paper files. First division or sub-element to fully incorporate work place ergonomics to eliminate work related injuries. First division or sub-element to incorporate ‘hands-free’ communications in all vehicles for the enhancement of safety [1997].  Additionally, hosted public hearings, served as the first line of appeal for taxpayers, and resolved potential litigation.

Adjunct Faculty: (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University): (June 1992 to 2004)
Designed and taught a Graduate Course in Human Factors in Aviation/Aviation Industry which presented an overview of the importance of the human role in all aspects of the aviation and aerospace industries. It emphasized the issues, problems, and solutions of unsafe acts, attitudes, errors, and deliberate actions attributed to human behavior and the roles supervisors and management personnel play in these actions. The course studied human limitations in the light of human engineering, human reliability, stress, medical standards, systems safety, systems design, Crew Resource Management (communications/leadership), psychology, and flight physiology. The course addressed human behavior as it relates to the aviator’s adaptation to the flight environment as well as the entire aviation/aerospace industry. Certified to teach undergraduate courses in Human Resource Management that examined the functions for effectively managing human resources.  Selected as the Instructor of the Year-1993 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-McChord Air Force Base; Served as a faculty advisor for an average of four graduate students per year, guiding them in their research and through the completion of their Graduate Research Paper.

Professor of Military Science and Tactics-University of Washington: (April 1989 to June 1993)
Professor and Department Chairman; developed needs assessments, designed course curriculums, taught courses in leadership, management, organizational theory, operations management, ethics, Total Quality Management, planning, logistics, and the theory of warfare.  Directly responsible for; recruiting and retention of potential military officers; provided the leadership, mentoring and role model for these potential officers; personnel management functions; academic standards; and, the education for 160 students. Responsible for the certification and safety of all high risk training.  Supervised ten Assistant Professors. Within specified teaching guidelines, revised the course curriculum and lesson plans to ensure our graduates were fully prepared academically, mentally and physically to meet the challenges of military service upon graduation.  Designed the Field Leadership Reaction Course (FLRC) which is a hands on facility developed to train and evaluate team leadership skills, communications, problem solving, consensus building and organizational development skills.  Our students were consistently recognized for their military and academic achievements. 

Deputy Director: (June 1988 to April 1989)
Provided leadership for a 100 member staff managing human resources, security, training, planning, logistics, fiscal management and medical care for a 3100 member organization.  Managed an annual budget forecast for the Brigade with over $150 million dollars worth of equipment and a $5 million dollar annual operating budget.  Responsible for the maintenance management program for 1250 vehicles. With seven days notice, we planned and executed a coordinated air and ground strategic movement of a 3100 member organization with 165 vehicles in response to a national emergency for forest fire suppression in the LoLo National Forest.  We virtually established a small city in the middle of pastureland capable of providing all support services, communications, medical facilities, aviation operations and a tactical command and control headquarters to accomplish the fire fighting mission and to sustain 3100 soldiers duration of the mission. For numerous exercises, we deployed the staff and leaders throughout Washington and Oregon with their tactical command posts to test the organization’s ability to communicate via radio [w/o satellite connectivity] over long distances.

Operating Executive for Operations: (November 1987 to June 1988)
Selected specifically by name!  Developed long range and short range, multi-echelon training plans for 1300 member Brigade for the Army's first ever motorized tactical concept testing and evaluation at the Army's National Training Center, Mojave, California. Training plans included the integration of new equipment, systems, and tactical concepts.  Developed and implemented a $2 million dollar training budget.  Resourced all training with the required fiscal assets, prioritized critical training needs and negotiated contracts when necessary to support training objectives.  We coordinated a joint air, ground and rail movement of equipment and personnel, conducted the 20 day exercise with superior evaluations, and, coordinated the redeployment back to Washington State.  Operations Center operated 24 hours a day for 20 days-communications were through computer data links and every 18 hours we produced a new operations plan for the next Brigade level battle scenario.   The test proved with outstanding results the viability of the motorized doctrine in a high impact tactical exercise. 

Deputy Director of Operations Plans and Training: (July 1985 to November 1987)
Principal staff assistant of a 14 member primary level (G-3) staff for the development of long range and short range training plans, conduct of strategic operations, policy analysis, organizational design, budgeting and resource allocation, technological development, contingency planning and computer simulation training for a 16,500 member organization. Conducted on-site training evaluations of lower echelon training events.  Involved with the planning and conduct of Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercise events to include being the primary senior operations and training officer on two of the many deployments.  Involved with the planning and deployment for command post exercises.  Assisted with the development, allocation and monitoring of the organization’s $55 million dollar operating budget.

Chief,-Special Planning Group: (July 1984 to July 1985)
Chief planner for a military exercise termed REFORGER 85, which involved 70,000 personnel from the United States, Germany, France and Belgium.  Planning and execution permitted expenditures to be well below the allocated $10 million dollars.  Lead planner for the coordination results of land, air and sea movement; staging areas for redeployment; contractor supported facilities; and for host nation facilities in support of maneuver forces.  Coordinated and provided liaison for National, State and Local dignitaries.  Conducted informational briefings using different technologies and formats for national dignitaries and strategic level military commanders. This exercise was touted as one of the finest ever conducted under such adverse climatic conditions.

US Army Leader and Staff Officer  (Nov 1967-Jul 1993):
Nearly 26 years of dedicated service at ranks ranging from Private to Lieutenant Colonel for this period of time in a variety of organizations ranging in size from 30 to 22,000 soldiers requiring participative management skills to motivate and build commitment which created an environment that allowed employees at every level to excel. Transformed average groups into high performing organizations.  Recognized for achievement in, leadership, training management, , affirmative action, retention, aircraft maintenance/operations, and safety and employee development.  Designed, implemented and administered policies and programs which yielded awards for excellence.  Increased the quantity and quality of operations while reducing costs through highly effective leadership. Served as director of training and training management for several complex organizations.  Developed comprehensive, dynamic individual and collective training programs that received several regional and national awards. Managed an annual budget forecast for an organization with over $150 million dollars worth of equipment and a $5 million dollar annual operating budget.  Valor awards include the Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal with V device plus 41 awards for achievement along with numerous service, campaign and overseas awards, certificates of achievement, and letters of appreciation.

*Postgraduate Study: Management / Organizational Theory, University of Washington; 1992
*Master of Business Administration:  Saint Martin’s College; 1987
*Bachelors Degree, Aeronautics:  Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University; 1977
*Master of Science Equivalent Management:  US Army Command and General Staff College 1983
*Strategic Leadership for State Executives, Duke University, December 2000
*Cascade Executive Management Program, University of Washington July 1999

*Professor of Military Science-University of Washington
*Adjunct Instructor-Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
*Certified trainer for Dr. Eric Allenbaugh’s Personal Strengths Profile,
*Certified Trainer for Achieve Global Courses (formerly Zenger-Miller).
*FAA Certified Commercial Pilot, Single Engine Land, Instrument, Rotorcraft
*FAA Certified Instructor Pilot Certification
*US Army Certified Helicopter Flight Instructor/Standardization Flight Instructor
*USBC Level I Coaching Certification
*USBC Team Coaching Certification
*USBC Bronze Level Coaching Certification
*USBC Silver Level Coaching Certification

Boards of Directors:
*In The Shadow of the Blade, Inc Board of Directors            
*Distinguished Flying Cross Society-NW Chapter-Past President, Board of Directors
*Vietnam Dustoff Association-President, Board of Directors
*Pierce Transit Board of Commissioners 2012-2015
*Pierce County Regional Council 2012-2015
*Pierce Transit Executive and Finance Committee 2013-2015
*Northwest Trek and Point Defiance Zoo Board 2013-2015
*Puget Sound Regional Council w/sub committees for Growth Management Committee/Transportation Committee 2012-2015
*Founding Director—Puyallup Historical Hatchery Foundation 2012-2018.

*Multiple award-winning author for my first book entitled: “Dustoff:  No Compromise!  No Rationalization!  No Hesitation!  Fly the Mission!”--a compilation of stories documenting my experiences as well as my crewmembers while flying unarmed medical evacuation helicopters in Vietnam.  Published in October 2003. (non-fiction)
*“Booty’s Ride”– second book currently in near final draft.
*“Mission-Nightmare”-Aviation Digest
*“Forests Ablaze”-Army Magazine
*“Cajun’s Challenge”-Soldier’s Magazine
*“Motorized at the National Training Center”-Infantry Magazine
*Featured Speaker:  Museum of Flight, December 5, 2002 and October 19, 2003
*Featured in Discovery’s documentary of the Ten Greatest Helicopters.
*Guest Speaker:  Kansas K-12 Television Network—Veterans Day 2008

Contact Information:
Phone: [H](253) 841-8529, [C] (253) 906-2938 E-mail:
Home Address: 3103 31st Ave SE   Puyallup, Washington 98374