Welcome to Latittude 47 Professional Coaching

Welcome to Latittude 47 Professional Coaching


Latitude 47 Professional Coaching

Working as an independent bowling coach, I decided to open my own small business to increase my flexibility and to not be tied to one location, although I primarily offer coaching services at Daffodil Bowl.

Watching people bowl, it is easy for the trained eye to recognize subtle problems with a bowlers mechanics.  And as I watch them, I often say, if I could only spend 30 minutes or so with that person, we might be able to improve their game. On Monday afternoon's at Daffodil Bowl in Puyallup, Washington, I reserve lanes and provide coaching for those wanting to improve a self identified problem or working with them to see where they have a problem in their mechanics.  My fee is $10 per hour which is far below market rate of $45 per hour.  I set this price so that bowlers would be willing to come in for a lesson or two.

During the summer, I offer a three day free clinic for those who want to come in and improve their skills.  In the summer of 2020, one day of the clinic will be devoted to shooting corner pins--the 7 and 10 so the bowler can locate a starting point and a target point that provides consistent results.  The two remaining days will be devoted to working on individual specific skills the bowlers wants to improve.  This clinic will be offered at no charge other than for the participant to pay the line fees for the time on the lanes.